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Margaret Plourde - 2018-09-19
I have a female lilac crowned amazon and I am looking for a new home for her. I have had her for eight years, her entire life. I have dna papers on her to prove sex. She has been chipped also. She is healthy and beautiful and has always been fed quality food. She loves to interact and enjoys watching what’s going on around her. If interested please tell me about the home you can offer her.

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Heather - 2018-09-16
I'm looking for a male red belly for my two year old female.

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Cheryl Waller - 2018-07-25
My roommate & I have two white doves. They have previously laid two small infertile eggs that did not hatch. On July 6th they laid one large egg and promptly began the task of building a nest on a shelf turned on it’s back with a back and sides, but not covered. They have a nest they constructed with shredded paper with sugar sand underneath. My roommate is concerned because the egg is hidden from view due to the paper nest and is worried that the baby, when and if it begins to hatch, will be unable to get out from under the paper nest. She wants to make the doves move off the nest so she can check on the egg. Charlie Roche, I am especially interested in hearing your advice, but welcome suggestions from anyone with experience.

Thom Simcox - 2017-12-11
Looking to Purchase several Java Doves preferably young, will need to be shipped to me in Puerto Rico, U.S.A. which I am willing to pay for. Please contact Thom at

Brian - 2018-06-15
I have a beautiful Cali White that we inherited from an elderly lady we cared for. We gave it a treat of pancake and now it is obsessed with pancakes! Is this ok? It still eats its diet of dove food. Thanks! Its over twenty years old!

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Hector Abrams - 2018-09-09
Resident of Florida. Looking to purchase some Belgian fancy if some one can help me will travel. Any were in Florida

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Judy fawcett - 2018-09-07
I have been looking for a pair of German roller canaries for years my husband just passed away and I am slone and would love to have a pair of these beautiful birds. Please reply to my message if you cannot fulfill my request perhaps you know someone who can. Thank you for your help. Judy Fawcett 72

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parrotshavenhome - 2018-08-08
We have healthy,trained and tamed parrots ready to go to their new homes, availabilities in our facility and pet shop are tame and talking parrots Age ranging from 8 months old to 15 years.we equally have fertile and candle tested parrot eggs for sale for those who will be interested to hatch out chick, please if interested to buy fertile eggs or parrots contact us for the below varieties for sale: EMAIL: Whatsapp : +16143496146 Hyacinth macaw Scarlet macaw Blue and gold macaw green wings macaw. Umbrella cockatoos sulphur crested cockatoos rosebreasted cockatoos palm cockatoos moluccan cockatoos Double yellow headed amazon Yellow Nape amazon solomon electus parrots Amazons Timneh Greys African congo greys Toucans All parrots comes with health papers, Our eggs are tested and guaranteed through a candling exercise.Our hatching rate on all eggs is 100 percent.We equally offer brochures auto regulated incubators,CD tapes etc to customers getting eggs from us to insure a successful hatch.get back to us for more. EMAIL: Whatsapp : +16143496146

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  • Macaw Mom - 2018-08-30
    Where are you located?
  • Cora shavers - 2018-09-05
    Hello sir,
    Thanks for your questions. Our main aviary is located in Columbus Ohio USA,
    our European branch is located in Dortmund Germany.
    We assist our clients with shipping and delivery worldwide from any of our branches
    depending on your location.
    Please for more detail regarding our companys profile and procedures visit our website;
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Mohammed - 2018-09-04
African Love Birds for slae Dutch Blue Peach-faced Lovebird Pair. Interested call 9688948709 Location Chennai

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Jerry Janosco - 2018-09-03
My Meyers passed away after 25yrs with me. I’m also interested in a female bronze winged Pionus.


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