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Tammy - 2018-12-08
Is your pie still available for sell?

Animal-World info on Patagonian Conure
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Mukesh Gupta - 2015-04-19
I want to sell my pet.. Pantogian Conure

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  • Kim - 2015-05-21
    I am looking for a Patagonian conure. Could you tell me about yours? Thank you.
  • Bobby Dunn - 2015-07-19
    I would be very interested in the pat. Please reply. Thanks.............................Bobby
  • Jill hamacek - 2015-07-27
    Is your patagonia still for sale?
  • Virginia - 2015-10-07
    are you still selling your Patagonian Conure? I have one at the moment and I want another one so that mine won't be lonely.
  • Tierney O\'Connell - 2018-12-07
    Do u still have your Conure?
Animal-World info on Parisian Frilled Canary
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Reda Hankir - 2018-11-09
Hi, looking to buy only canary birds for online business here in Lebanon , any breeder company can help? My contact WhatsApp +971558899379 Regards,Reda

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  • David - 2018-12-04
    Hi Dear
    I would like to buy same frill canaries
Animal-World info on Strawberry Finch
Animal Story on Strawberry Finch
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Govinda Reddy - 2018-12-04
I want to buy 10 pairs of Strawberry Finch's.

Animal-World info on Gloster Fancy Canary
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Moira - 2018-01-01
I would like to buy a gloster corona for my grandchildren I had them for my own children but my contact has sadly died and don't know how to get one now Regards Moira

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  • John Morris - 2018-01-14
    Hi Moira I have gloster canaries for sale .
  • Anonymous - 2018-11-17
    Hi sorry been away but would still like to buy for my grandaughters birthday late December
Animal-World info on Green-winged Macaw
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Tamara - 2018-11-17
Ok, two macaws , 3 y/o , NEVER leave their cage, have no toys, they never see anyone but for a minute or two when they are being fed, and that is all; their cage is incredibly filthy, surrounded by flies, and smelly, covered in feces; they have never had a shower and the two of them are incredibly healthy! how you explain??

Animal-World info on Plum-headed Parakeet
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sumeet - 2011-03-08
Hi I have Plum-headed Parakeet for sale please contact me at

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  • RAM NAIR - 2011-05-09
  • priya - 2011-05-11
    Hello. I am interested to purchase the plum headed parakeet. Can you please give me the details of the rate and place and also age of the birds.
  • Jaie Karve - 2012-12-03
    Hi Sumeet, i am interested in buying a male plum headed parakeet who is hand fed and tame, please let me know the price..
  • Aaqib Ahemad - 2017-12-10
    I want female...8668855391 ....7776000009
  • Dhyan Patel - 2018-06-14
    I want to buy my no. Is 9898422958
  • Anonymous - 2018-11-17
Animal-World info on Roller Canary
Animal Story on Roller Canary
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Sharon - 2018-11-11
Looking to purchase Male roller.s Sound of his singing will make long winter days feel as if spring arrived each an every morning Thanks Hope to hear good news soon

Animal-World info on Parisian Frilled Canary
Animal Story on Parisian Frilled Canary
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Dr nedal Abu safieh - 2017-02-12
Hi, I'm interested in canaries birds besnuss to import from your company to sultanate of Oman muscat please supply me all details about your birds and shipping coast to muscat international airport

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  • João Moura Guedes - 2017-02-23
    Good morning, my name is Joao and I´m a type canary breeder from Portugal.
    If you are interested, by septembre/october I can supply most breeds of canaries since I work with other registered breeders of my countrie.
    The birds will be sent by "GEOCARGO", a company wich is a reliable company for live stock cargo.
    Best regards,
    Joao Moura Guedes
  • Denise - 2018-04-11
    Interested in a drill could u please tell me if you have any
  • محمدداوود - 2018-03-21
    This is triner parisi kanari from iran
  • Reda Hankir - 2018-11-09
    Dear Mr.João Moura Guedes
    I'm very interested to deal with you for buying all canary types for online business in Beirut Lebanon.
    Pls contact me on WhatsApp +971558899379 or
Animal-World info on Hyacinth
Animal Story on Hyacinth
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Albert Trueman - 2018-10-28
Hyacinth macaw parrots ready to join their new homes.Email me via or Text at 917 737 3459

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  • Lysa - 2018-11-08
    What is the price of your hyacinths?

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