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Lisa - 2019-02-10
I live in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada and am looking to get a hand raised/hand fed baby Maximilian Pionus Parrot. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks :)

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Debbie - 2019-02-10
Looking for a pair of German roller canaries.

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Sachin - 2019-01-23
I want black mask yellow chest birds

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Asif - 2016-01-29
I have pair of yellow lutino for sale

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  • Denise - 2016-08-11
    Where are you located and how much are you asking for them?
  • Ismarila Shamari Israel - 2019-01-17
    How much are they I am interested
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Edward Prisla - 2019-01-10
Here now,some selected species of high quality Canary birds, bred to the standard of excellence,in vivid color,and great health. They will be a great addition to anyone's collection,or breeding program.These are not the 'run of the mill' type of animals.Get what you may need ,while inventory is available. Interested then send me an email via for more information. (serious inquiries only)

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  • Ahmad farrokh - 2019-01-14
    Hi, i am interested in your true bred Parisian frill canaries,please let me know the availability and also price of the bird by the way i live in Rochester ny. Many thanks
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Ruzanna Palezyan - 2017-06-24
Looking to purchase a Red-masked Conure Cherry-headed Conure, Red-headed Conure Family: Psittacidae please contact me if you have one. grew up with one and really would love one now. thank you so much!! email me today's date is June 24th 2017 thanks again~!

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  • Courtney Osman - 2017-08-21
    Hi. I have a young cherry headed conure for sale. Hand fed. Very vibrant colors. Prefers me, tolerates rest of family. Loves mangos, grapes, apples. Asking $850.00. Pls contact me if interested.
  • Greg - 2017-11-03
    I am looking for a cherry head, a red throated, a nansun, nanday, blue head. Pls call 5867038613
  • Gregory P Wells - 2017-11-03
    I am interested. Thanks 5867038613
  • Deb - 2019-01-10
    Hi , I have a 35 yo Cherry Headed Conure that would like a new loving home that can offer him more attention. I am assuming that Dude is a male. He seems to prefer females, and living in the kitchen yelling “want some “ if you open the fridge, rattle a package or pots and pans. He talks a lot less now that the kids are gone, but never misses saying “good morning” when he sees me for the first time each day. But don’t let that sweet lady voice fool you. He’s very nippy and can be very loud. If you’re interested, we’ll talk.
  • Deb - 2019-01-11
    You can reach me at
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Anonymous - 2008-07-13
I cannot agree more that yes this hybrid makes a beautiful macaw... but doesn't the fact that the Hyacinth is as rare and endangered as it is, make crossing it with another breed a bad practice. Personally I hope the breeder is still breeding straight hyacinths with the intention to better the breed and not just mixing it to sell "rarer" birds. The hyacinth being on the critical list should sort of discourage breeding like this but that is just my opinion.

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  • Anonymous - 2013-08-14
    Breeding hybrids will encourage people to help both species.
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susan barboza - 2018-12-28
looking to buy adult female fischers love bird. Live in Swansea, Massachusetts. Please contact me at 774-644-5597 Thank you

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  • Anonymous - 2018-12-28
    Be careful Susan. Some folks in here are scammers. I am a victim.
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satyabrata Dey - 2017-07-31
Who sale white faced cocktail adult pair?cocntact me

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  • JIM SMITH - 2018-12-20
    could you let me know how much for the pair.been looking for a pair hope you still have them. Thank You.Jim Smith
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zee - 2018-12-19
i also have one of them long tailed bullies. he is chasing my garden birds but i see some of the little ones now fighting back but the doves sit on the garage roof when they on the ground this pest sits on the garage roof amd dive bombs them. going to take down the bird feeder and not feed for a few days maybe he will leave. can only hope. which i had a box to send him back to East Africa.


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