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Anonymous - 2019-03-22
How about scarracynth

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Melissa Wilson - 2019-02-20
I have a bluefront parrot that I would like to find a home for in a home where there is a bird the same as buddy is 6 years old and was neglected most of his life with not much attention paid to him but he is still a good bird and likes attention and loves to play I am selling buddy because I think it would be in his best interest to find a forever home where he will be loved and cared for and never love me again he's not lonely now I have three children a pitbull and a chihuahua he copes well but I think he'd rather be the center of attention and get more attention

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  • tony - 2019-03-09
    how much thanks
  • JD - 2019-03-19
    I am interested, as I have a female blue front.
    I also have a male yello nape I am looking for a wife for.
    Thank you
  • Rick Pudwell - 2019-03-21
    Hello Melissa,
    I was interested in the story of your Blue front. I have a female who is pretty tame and a good talker. She seems like she wants to socialize with other parrots that I have but since they are other species, she is not liked by them. Are you sure your bird is a male? What part of the country do you live and what are you asking for him ?

    Thank You,
    Rick Pudwell
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KaylaDarie - 2019-03-20
Hello, did you receive my offer? from2325214cv

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Bill - 2015-02-15
I have a 10 year old Goffin. I've he's been with me for two years. I'm not sure of his past ... I am at the least, his third home (and, his last ... I love him very much). He has the feather plucking problem ... it's not terrible and it varies in intensity. But, what I'd like to ask is: He will snuggle with me and put his tail feathers up and lower his head and nod his head up and down ... almost spasmodically ... accompanied by clucking. He seems to be enjoying this in an almost sexual way. Is this behavior okay? Or, should I be discouraging it?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-02-15
    What a great bird! and I'm so glad you will be lifelong companions... that rocks! His feather plucking can be helped and his other behavior is fine. The bobbing, snuggling, clucking stuff is an indication that you are his affectionate mate, and he's letting you know as best he can. I wouldn't discourage it. On the plucking, these birds are extremely social, as well as intelligent and active. They get bored or lonely, which is often the reason they begin to pluck. But plucking can become a habit, so it's best to address it right away. It sounds like you are giving him plenty of attention, a tip: set up a time every day for this so he learn a routine that he can count on. That can help free you up at other times so he won't become constantly demanding. Then give him all sorts of activities when he needs to entertain himself... chewing activities! These birds like softer things like cotton rope. Towels, sheets or blankets draped over part of the cage are also good, and tons of soft wood branches... like pine, can also keep these birds well occupied. There's toy combinations that you can purchase at pet stores too... but just limit the amount of harder things like acrylics, manzanita type hardwoods, etc. Hope this helps:)
  • Bill - 2015-02-16
    Thank you, Clarice, for getting back to me. Jack (that's his name) has tons of 'toys' and stuff he's allowed to chew ... and, occasionally, he helps himself to things he's not allowed to chew (like my key board!!!). He was nearly 8 when he came to live with me ... and, he lived with a lady before he came here for nearly a year. I don't know much about his previous history or how many homes he had during his first 5 years. But, from what I've read, his feather plucking is probably going to be with him for a very, very long time. He has a history of plucking his feathers for that year before he came here. Like I said, I don't know much about his history before that. I do everything I can to assure him he is loved and give him lots of attention ... lots of out of cage time ... and he flys all over the house. A year ago, during the warm moist weather, he nearly quit the plucking all together ... but, then resumed this winter (I think the drier air influences the plucking). So, I'm hoping once the humidity rises he'll quit again. My theory is: It may take years, but once he learns that he is 'home' and feels secure about his place in the world ... he'll give up the plucking altogether. :-)
  • Clarice Brough - 2015-02-18
    What a great bird Jack is... and what a great home he has:) I was thinking, you might be able to get a humidifier for his room. An Umbrella Cockatoo one of my customers had plucked so much that it was basically totally featherless. We put tons of branches in his cage and soft blankets over one side, and he was so busy he began to forget to chew as much. Slowly feathers started to come back, but unfortunately not all... probably just too much damage done. But even without a full plummage, he was a healthy bird and had a great loving home too. So good luck to you and Jack!
  • Bill - 2019-03-18
    Welln... here we are ... 4 years later. Jack is doing great. He has given up the excessive plucking of feathers and is quite handsome! He is very attached to me ... and visa versa. He gets as much time outside of his cage as I can give him (roughly 8+ hours a day he is out of the cage, usually sitting on my shoulder). He's been with me for more than 6 years, now. He was determined to be roughly 8 when I got him ... so, he's currently about 14 years old, now. I expect he's going to be around for a long, long time ... he's healthy, happy and loved very, very much!!
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Victoria Perry - 2017-08-05
I live in Chesterfield, Michigan 48047 I have been breeding Society Finches to get rare Chocolate, and solid Tan. Now, too many. I need to find a pet shop that will buy them. I want to sell like 10. not sexed. Lady Goulians for sale. Sell 8 mixed sexes for 450.00. Anyone know where I can list these birds. Goulians I have more Males 5, only 3 Females. I do not ship. 586 206-8054 Health Beautiful Birds6

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  • Wendy - 2019-03-15
    Hi, I have a society finches born with red eyes, is that normal?
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Bea u mccall - 2017-09-17
I have a parrot name bluey and I want to sale him

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  • Robert - 2017-11-11
    How much? And where are you located?
  • Tommy - 2019-02-22
    I have a 15yr old female. Id love for her to have a buddy. She is out all day and goes to bed about 1030pm all on her own.
    Where are you located and are you looking for a rehome fee?
    God bless,tommy
  • tony - 2019-03-09
    im in uk
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Jones Abraham Macwan - 2019-03-09
I want plum headed parakeet. So contact me 9638129514

Jones Abraham Macwan - 2019-03-08
I m interested in birds. And plum headed parakeet.

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melinda foser - 2019-03-03
I have a 26 year old named Nihi (hellow in Japanese) my sons have called him their little green brother ever since I got him. He calls to dogs that we have had through the years, and has been a joy. he has even ordered an Apple compeuter using google home.I got rid of the google home, because Nihi is a part of my family and it is not. Nihi is a trusted friend and a joy in my life.

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Samar - 2015-02-05
I live in eastern India kolkata and i rear stawberry finches. If any one intrested can contact me @

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  • Debbie Gandee - 2015-12-15
    I live in Austin, Texas and a long time friend in Tallassee, Florida and is interested in a pair of the Strawberry Finch and I would like a couple of pairs myself. Debbie Gandee 512-940-3327 Austin,Texas 78748 please email me back. Thank you Debbie
  • Patricia HILLEMAN - 2018-06-10
    Do you still raise strawberry finch? If yes how much do they run?
  • Ali Khan - 2019-02-22
    I m from Mumbai, I would like to buy 10 pairs of strawberry finch. would u be able to send it to Mumbai, if yes then how much would be the cost.

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