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Marshall Dean - 2012-09-16
I had a pet Illiger's Macaw For about 1/2 of my life. She died of old age (she was a second hand bird). I have an empty spot in my heart for an other Illiger's Macaw. I would like to purchase another Illeger's Macaw if it is not too expensive. Thanks

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-09-17
    They are wonderful birds, and I'm sorry to hear about your loss.  Birds become so much a part of our lives, I hope you soon find a bird to love to  fill the emptyness your darling left behind. All the best.
  • Michelle - 2019-04-10
    Hi I have a female macaw she is hand reared selling her with the cage for 5000
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Peggy Brown - 2013-10-21
I have a 6 month old male LSC. He is so sweet and funny, he loves me but bites my husband. When we first brought him home he was fine with both me and my husband. After about a week home my husband was gone on travel for a week, when he got back things were different. Trying to decide whether or not to keep this bird, I have no problem with him, he has bitten me but he gets a time out for that. My husband can pet him but cannot pick him up a lot of the time because he knows he may get bitten. Had a session with a trainer/behaviorist for the biting issues, distraction works pretty well but for my husband it does not work.

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  • marion hatcher - 2019-04-08
    Same here w/ my small cockatoo , they only bond w/ one person at a time , she was very jealous of anyone touching me , she would try to bite them, she passed after 26 yrs w/ me ,on jan 18th im still heartbroken and crying , both my sons died in their 20, s she was my babytoo 14
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linda rubin - 2019-01-16
I own a 1 year old female Myer's Parrot. Would love to compare notes with others who own A Myer's Parrot (any sex any age) My name is linda and I live in Santa Clarita, ca.

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  • Don - 2019-04-07
    My myers is , over 30 years old and still a joy. Still active, minimum talker, more weird noises than words, not known talkers. Mine never was hand fed so not so friendly, but is to me. I can scratch his beak, pet him and he will come on ‘my’ finger. I learned to clip his wings, such he hates, so he stays on top of his cage. Many toys and climable branches. They live to climb up high. He has bells he loves to beast and ring! Don hall
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Jay - 2019-04-07
I just took ownership of a pair of Strawberries and thought I’d try to kick start this comatose forum 😀

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Daniel Velasquez - 2019-04-05
I’m looking to buy a male white fronted Amazon in So California, please email me, thank you

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Debbie - 2019-04-05
Hi I'm just starting out haven't even got a cage yet I ordered a big cage for indoors planning on breeding Society finches. But can't find a local breeder in my area I don't want to older one that has to be shipped out to me. Can anyone out there help with finding a breeder or fiches for sale in yakima or surrounding areas? Thank you! Deb

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Yassar Ashouri - 2019-03-31
I need to buy pair of canary mozaeic

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Girish - 2017-01-31
Hi, I just added 4 Zebra finch(2 male and 2 female) into our family and these are our first pets. I am bit worried as 1 of the male acts weird and always seated by making its feathers in puff shape and eats a lot and always like to keep himself warm by pushing himself against other birds. What might be the problem with him? please suggest.

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  • Mohammad - 2019-03-24
    Hi,your finch is sick,you shold get eggs to finch and calsiom.and a bit do hot finch room 28c or 27c
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Hien Tran - 2019-03-22
I am looking for a white female dove. Need the price.

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Ananthakrishnan - 2018-03-30
I'm having opline lutiano female for that which breed is gud for breeding mutation

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  • Roy Garza - 2019-03-22
    What the price of the lutino female Love Birds

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