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Tracey - 2019-04-18
Hello I have had around 30 years experience with macaws I was raised on a farm with horses, cows,dogs,c chickens pigeons,pheasants,goats,and other parrots I've been around animals my whole life and taken care of them

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Al - 2019-04-18
I live in British Columbia and was wondering if you have any for sale. If you do what price and how would one get it ? Thanks

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Ifi - 2017-07-26
Hi. I have 3 buffons macaws (2 boys and a girl) and 1 greenwing macaw (boy)for sale. All are DNAed. I have been diagonosed with arthritis and can no longer care for them as they deserve. I live in Canada. If anyone is interested please email me.

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  • Basem - 2017-09-28

    are Buffoons macaw still with you im interested for one boy let me know how much the price and if you can export the same to UAE I will pay all shipping and documents fees.


  • Tishea - 2018-04-22
    I am interested in your Buffons macaw males. Are they still available? If so how much? Where are you located? Feel free to call 240-405-7272. Thanks
  • Fernando lima - 2019-03-14
    Hello do u still have a male Buffon avalible
  • chris - 2020-09-06
    Hi, I also live in Canada. I had a pair of Blue and golds and my male died recently. We had him for over 25 yrs. His mate we have had for over 35 yrs. Since we lost the male the female is pining for company. I am interested in your Green wing male.
    Please give me some details...cost...age...condition...friendly? Also what is your approx. Thanks chris
  • Anonymous - 2019-04-18
    Hello my name is Tracey I'm interested in your Buffon's macaws I live in Canada and yes I have experienceyou can contact me at (
Alden Loew - 2013-01-13
I just acquired a pair of Buffon's Macaws at the New Year and I was wondering if anyone had an interest in them, or knew of someone who might be? They are in excellent condition, great feather, very good size birds...bigger than my friends Hyacinth. I was unable to get a whole lot of history on them. My educated guess based on feet and beak conditions is the female (laid 2 eggs from perch of cage for previous owner) seems a bit bigger .... although I have not weighed her. My male is a little friendlier / outgoing, while the female is considerably more defensive of their cage territory. If no one has an interest in the pair I would be open to any tips for stimulation or fertilization for year round indoor macaw breeding for a michigander. lol

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  • chad - 2013-02-15
    Buffons still available?
  • Vickie LuVisi - 2015-09-20
    I am definitely interested! What are their ages?
  • Anonymous - 2016-11-25
  • Leon Chu - 2017-01-01
    Hi Alden , are your Buffons still available ? Where are you based ? Leon
  • Genevieve mcgregor - 2017-04-24
    Do you want to sell them? If so, how much for the pair?
  • Anonymous - 2019-04-18
    Hello my name is Tracey I live in Canada interested in your pair of Buffon's you can email me at (
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LINDA AKERS - 2019-04-18
I am looking for a patagonian conure baby would need to be shipped to draper va

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Bradley Teague - 2019-04-17
I have a pair of sexually mature Handfed Alexandrine Parrots.. The male talks a lot and the female says a few words and whistles.. The pair has been spending the past two months courting and in the nest box. The female Fiona is trying to get him into nesting.. She plucks at the males feathers but has stopped. Fiona puts Kiwis feathers in the nest box to coax him in.. he’s been feeding her and he’s preening to show off tail feathers. He is going on 4years and she is going on 6 years. Thus will be their first clutch. The female is very tame once away from the make. Is in breeding mode now. Asking $4500.00 KY, USA text for pics serious inquires only. Will only respond and call back on texts..12702311272

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Pamelia Doubleday - 2013-02-11
Hello, it is nice to have someone to talk to and ask questions. My name is Pam. My daughter brought home 2 young cockatiels that she got from her teacher just before Christmas. The mother was biting and pulling the feathers out of their neck. They are soooo sweet. I was on craigs list looking for a better cage for them and I came across a Military Mccraw with cage for rehoming. So, I called and I'm now mom. He is so smart. He talks all the time. I can't always understand him, but he seams to pick up words quickly. Milton bonded to me rather quickley within a few hrs, he was sitting in my lap on his back, but he won't let anyone else touch him. He bit the stuffing out of my daughter the first night, and now she is scared to get close to him, and I think he knows it. He has nipped at my husb. and won't let him pet him, but will get on his arm if I'm not around. I have warned others to keep a wide birth. I think in time he will accept others in the family. I'm not sure he will ever be stranger friendly. Any thoughts? I was so hoping that he would be. I have to admit that I am a bit leary of him, even though he likes me and wants me to hold and pet him, he often nibbles on me and some times he gets overzealous and bites down. (it HURTS) Any thoughts on that. Also---(I have lots of questions; I hope you don't mind.) I have been reading about the Mccaw diet. I have offered him various fruits and veggies. I have even brought them over and started eatting them in frouht of him to get him intrested. (No LUCK) Last night I set down in my chair with a ear of corn and some hot wings. He was after my plate. I offered him the corn thinking he must be after that. He compleatly ignored it, and grabed himself a hot-wing. I have to say, I felt a little weird about a bird eating chicken. I didn't know they would eat meat. Is it OK for them to have some? That is it for now, but ...I'LL BE BACK. See-Ya Pam.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-02-11
    I know a lot of people who feed their macaws and other large parrots chicken! Many large birds are a fan of it. It is ok in moderation - but obviously you don't want his entire diet to consist of chicken. As far as him bonding to people other than you - well the more time you spend with him the more bonded he will become to you. Most macaws are 'one person' birds. If you want him to bond to other people as well, you will have to make a point of spending less time with him and have other people spend more time with him. This can help make him more well-rounded.
  • Tammy - 2019-04-15
    I had a McCaw also that only wanted my boyfriend the though him. He chased the kids and would try and butter me if I say next to BF. I had to give him up to a pet store because of him trying to think of our small children.
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Courtney - 2019-04-11
Hi my name is Courtney do you have any female love bird Blue rosy faced female bird

Roberta - 2019-01-31
I have a baby love bird who doesnt want to wean from handfeeding?? Is something wrong??

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  • Anonymous - 2019-04-11
    No please I want one
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Hamad - 2011-11-08
Hi I live in the middle east and I would like to know if they sell these birds in petshops as I want to get one.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-11
    They sell these birds in various bird pet stores in the United states, I don't know about pet stores in the Middle east.  You could ask them.
  • Michelle - 2019-04-10
    I have a illiger female macaw for sale with cage 5000

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