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Rosemary - 2019-05-26
I am located in corona California, am looking for male and female parrot finches, blue or red

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Sally - 2016-05-18
Hi I'm interested in buying a Persian canary I live in Florida

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  • Zubair - 2016-09-29
    Hi I have Parisian frill for sale if u interested text me I live in New York I can ship it to u
    Cell no : 718-813-3319
  • Ron - 2016-11-23
    I have Persian frail canaries for sale if you're interested you can email me or better yet call me my telephone number is 4129694086
  • Padmanabhan Sai Krishna - 2016-11-29
    Ron I am interested in purchasing a whole lot of different types of canaries.
    I am based in Bangalore, India. Can you fedex overnight with cash on delivery (payment here by credit card) or any other reliable courier. Write to me with what you have ready in stock.
  • Ashley - 2019-05-26
    Hi I have 1 Male Parisian grilled canary for sale. If you r interested, contact me at
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SlavaBit - 2019-05-21
Продам газиву 3уп по 23т, куросурф 4уп по 9т,мабтера 1400мг 2уп по 21т.
В Москве.
Whatsapp 8(916)790-41-31

Slavflurf - 2019-05-21
Продам газиву 3уп по 23т, куросурф 4уп по 9т,мабтера 1400мг 2уп по 21т.
В Москве.
Whatsapp 8(916)790-41-31

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Suresh John - 2015-12-09
can anyone guess out gender and age of my pet bird

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-12-10
    What a beautiful bird Suresh! You can have your bird sexed by a veterinarian, either through a DNA sample or probe. Unfortunately, determining the age of parrots (once they are past the juvnile stage) is one of those things that can't be guessed at, there are simply no visual clues. However, you may be able to ask the people you got it from if they know the hatch date.
  • Tisha - 2018-05-18
    That's a sensible answer to a chalienglng question
  • Lori - 2019-05-09
    You have what appears to be a Waglers Conure. It is near impossible to accurately give an age for your bird. I would guess it’s at least two years old because it appears to have its adult coloration. I notice the red forms a well defined triangle shape with the widest part at the beak and forming a point at his crown. The Cherry Headed and Mitred Conures have a very different distribution of red around their face and head. If I’m right, I don’t think there are a lot of your bird in the pet industry.
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Carolyn - 2019-05-02
We are very interested in the Amazon. You may also call us @ 512-584-7844

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Larry MANNINEN - 2019-04-19
What would a combetion of a catilina and harliqiun look like

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  • Lea Hollingsworth-Ramsey - 2019-04-29
    That is called a Maui Sunrise. Harlequin crossed with a Catalina = Maui Sunrise
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Jewel - 2019-04-27
I would like to meet my female Yellow nape Amazon in Boston Massachusetts.

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Jackie - 2009-06-14
I just got a calico, its name is calypso. It is such a sweet loving macaw, it loves being with people so much that it hates to return to its cage. He will lay on this back so he can receive belly rubs. I use to have a U-too but this bird is even more affectionate. I also own a catalina that is very sweet and gentle and an excellent talker. I think my favorite though, would have to be the calico.

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  • Sandy - 2014-05-26
    I have a calico and I love him to death, I'm trying to find another one, but can't find a breeder. Let me know please if you know one?? Thanks.
  • Elaine - 2019-04-21
    Delorce in SC i Got mine last year in April she just turned one! my sweet baby
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Al - 2019-04-18
Looking for a stafford pair Live in British Columbia. What is the price and how would one get them


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