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Macaw Mom - 2018-08-30
Do you want to sell your macaw? Location? Price? Can you give me more info on your baby?

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  • Jagpreet - 2019-07-03
    I have a 9 week old hybrid macaw. A calico mixed with a blue and gold macaw.
  • Yesenia gonzales - 2019-05-17
    I would like to sell my blue gold and Catalina macaw. They are about 1yr and a half. They have livedwith each other since they were babies. Don’t have a clue how much to sell them for. If you have any suggestions please email me. Thank you😊
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Sam Jones - 2019-07-03
Canaries do like and need toys - mirrors and tassels, canary pacifier. They can get bored jst like humans.

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mohamad - 2010-12-04
Hi where I can find canary birds for sale?

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  • allan - 2011-01-13
    Where you located?
  • allan - 2011-01-13
    Where you located?
  • Mohammad - 2019-06-28
    Hello this Mohammad Karimi I live in newyork USA can I get cannary here
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josuapong - 2019-06-28
Hand raised pair DNA tested Mollucan cockatoo parrots available. Comes with hatching certificate and stuffs. They are very friendly and talking pair. For more details please text or call at 339-970-9126

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Stacee S. - 2019-06-21
I'm also in Laguna Niguel. One male Pin-tailed whydah with two females has been terrorizing our bird-friendly back yard for several weeks, chasing finches, sparrows, towhees, etc. away from the feeder. This must be mating season, but the male is not having much luck with his ladies. Please tell me they will migrate soon, or something. o_0

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T - 2007-10-09
I find it impossible to read all the wonderful things posted here about GCC. My GCC is 3 months old and was hand tamed/hand fed by a local breeder. When he first came home he was nippy, but showed some promise. Now he is by far the biggest disappointment I have ever had. I have owned cockatiels, parakeets, canaries, etc. and was so excited about getting a small parrot. I have never met a more nasty, hateful creature. I have bites everywhere and can not touch him without a suite of armour. I would never recommend a GCC to anyone (especially around children)unless one enjoys being brutalized daily. He wants to be on you from the time you open the cage and then immediately bites, rips and tears at flesh (arms, fingers, anything). No friend in this beast. Have tried every recommendation onine for curbing the biting and it only gets worse. Will never make such a horrid mistake again.

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  • Anonymous - 2014-09-24
    Sounds to me like he was somehow traumatized early on by you or someone around you. Yours is the first case I've seen bad things said about them. Definitely don't rule them out in the future after one bad experience because they really are such sweet and affectionate birds if raised properly.
  • brit - 2014-11-21
    This is shocking to me. the GCC is so lovable! We rescued on from a home where she got no interaction. She was fearful and bit when we first got her home. We were patient and spent lots of time talking to her. Then it clicked in her.. Loves to be with us (me, husband and 2 children) all day. Never another bite ever!
  • Lisa Paige Deadmond Roth - 2015-02-04
    It makes me sad that you see your bird this green cheek was abused by his former owners.  When I got him he was very angry and bit a lot.  I have scars from those bites.  With love and patience he has become the joy of my life.  Sometimes he still bites, but only when he is feeling trapped or frightened.  He is phobic because of the abuse he suffered, they used to swat him out of the air with a broom instead of getting his wings clipped.  He is afraid of the dark, dogs and anything with a long handle that resembles a broom ie, rake, get the picture.  It has taken a long time and a LOT of patience to make my little buddy less hostile, but the reward has been more than worth it.
  • Christina - 2015-02-10
    Don't worry it will pass. Distract him with few toys such as bells. Right now he sees a hand as an enemy, for him to get used to it give him treats so he sees the hand = treats. What I remember is that I dipped my finger into not so harsh chilli mix and when my gcc attaxked he had a weird taste in his mouth and after that he didn't bite ^^ but do not ever put something harsh like tobasco as it will damage the tongue ^^
  • Bob - 2015-08-29
    You seem to not be the type of person who should be owning birds
  • Beverly - 2019-06-19
    I am so sorry that you are having such a hard time with your gcc. Please do not paint the whole breed with the brush of your bad experience. We have had 2 gcc for a year and a half now they were also hand fed and tame. Recently our male started biting my husband quite bad so we did some online research. We discovered that Boomer our little boy had been frightened by sliding when trying to sit on our hands. He became afraid of skin contact. We have been working with him very slowly to help him become more secure and he is doing better but can still get nippy. We are taking it very very slow. Once your parrot has been traumatized they never ever forget that trauma. Remember how big you are compared to them gaining their trust takes time and regaining their trust after it is broken takes so much longer. We never imagined that a simple slip and almost fall off our hand would cause so much fear in Boomer. I hope that you stop looking for answers online to fix your bird and instead look for a rescue home for your bird. There are lots of shelters that will take birds in and work with them or even just give them a forever home. Your bird can feel your anger probably even more than I could when I read your post. The reason that your gcc always wanted to be on you is because they are very social bird and they want to be with their human all the time especially if they do not have a bird companion. My birds have each other plus they are out of the cage with the run of the house for at least 8 hours a day. They are alot of work and they do not understand that just because they want to be on you 24/7 you may not want the same thing. Stick with the easy birds parrots are not for you. You need to have patience saying the bird is the problem after having him for less than 3 months is ridiculous. B
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Mike Caudle - 2019-06-18
We've had Blu our 2 year old Verde Macaw for a year and a half now. He is not as loud as other Macaws we know and is quite large, 1806 grams last vet visit. He is affectionate to me and tolerates my wife handling him if I'm not around. He started talking at 10 months old. He calls our dogs by name and uses phrases that we use with the dogs when talking to them. He can bark like all 3 of the dogs and loves to recreate the sounds of the dogs scuffling and playing. He laughs like me and calls my name for attention the same way my wife says my name. All around we could not ask for a better bird companion.

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Navi sharma - 2019-06-13
i whant plum head parrot pair

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Jessica Sarah - 2019-06-13
Do you seek for another?

Anonymous - 2019-05-26
Hello my sister was just about to be a grandma to her parakeet but unfortunately the female passed on and crossed over..

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  • Jessica Sarah - 2019-06-13
    Do you seek for another?

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