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The Lionhead Goldfish develops a fleshy growth called a wen that looks somewhat like a lion's mane... hence the name "Lionhead"!
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mini_redcutie - 2021-11-01
Help. My 3 Lionhead Goldfishes Make a LOT of Waste. When It is 1 hour After Cleaning the Tank, It will Just make MORE Waste. Is it feeding Problems?

Cheri Gonzales - 2019-04-01
It looks like the growth of my lion head is covering my fishes eyes and possible mouth. Is there anything I can do about it.

Doreen Merke - 2016-06-30
my large white lion head is turning red all over and is very lethargic and sits at the bottom of the tank. Please help .

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  • Teresa - 2016-08-29
    Turning red could be from parasites or bacterial infection. Clean water and antibiotics or meds for parasites.
  • Anonymous - 2018-09-27
    Take care of your fish
caitlyn - 2016-10-29
my lion head has been from Walmart and she was super active swimming around and all that good stuff. When i got home i set her in the tank and treated her with ick or any viruses, i let her sit in tht for 24 hours them i took her out of the tank and placed her in and her head is facing the bottom and her tail is upward can you pleae help?

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  • Anonymous - 2016-10-30
    Don't treat fish for viruses like ick they don't have. Also NEVER go to Walmart for fish.
Tawanna Lovinherhusband Jones - 2016-01-30
Help I am concerned I have 3 lionhead gold fish africa gary and lil babe 2 of them doing find swimming around chasing after each other been had them for 7days and they are in a 36 gallon tank and it is well groom but gary one of my fish would just go to the bottom of the tank and just stay there he want move unless it time to eat then he come out of hiding and he also have some lil white dots on top of his head what should I do help I love them

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  • Teresa - 2016-08-29
    If there are white dots it sounds like 'ICK' Clean water and meds for Ick. Hope this helps.
Anne - 2015-12-28
I'm not one to push any products, but ever since I've been using MIcrobe-lift Goldfish Color Enhancer, my fish have never looked better. I still haven't found a filtration system that I like, but at least now I'm not loosing fish.

Elana - 2011-01-18
I have two fishes and they are so active but it's been two
Days one of them looks like she lost her balance, always
Stays at the bottom ..! She was never like that ..! Can
Anybody tell me what to do? I don't her to die.

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  • chrissy - 2015-05-16
    As your lionhead Ranchu grows, its head will grow into the characteristic shape. This can make it hard for the ranchu to keep his balance unto he gets used to it. My ranchu had been living in a small tank for 2 years before I got him. I put him into a big tank and he started to grow. After a while, his head got big and bubbly and he stayed at the bottom but sometimes came out for a feed. I read about their heads over balancing them so I wasnt too worried. He is fine now, just needed to get used to the weight.
Anonymous - 2014-02-28
I have three lionheads, one black, one orange, one gold and black. Also a black moor and a calico. They are all adorable. I am concerned for my big orange, as her head scales are growing down over the top of her eyes and she will soon be almost blind. Can the scales be cut back without hurting her? Does anyone know if there is anything I can do for her? She's my favorite!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-03-09
    I don't know if they can be 'cut back', that sounds a little intrusive to me. It may just be her genetic makeup. These fish are breed for a number of things, with a large cap being one of them. I hope she will be alright, but I don't know that you can physically alter this. Perhaps another reader can give you a better idea.
  • DeeDee - 2014-03-27
    I currently have two lionheads in a 28 gallon tank. They are both about 2 inches. I'd like to add one more but I am concerned about stunting them. They are so adorable, just like all the others say.
  • Watha - 2015-04-02
    Goldfish of any kind require ten to twenty gallons of water per fish. You have babies right now, that with proper food and water will grow to be about five to six inches in length. I would not add another fish. I would be anticipating the growth of what you have and looking at bigger tanks.
  • Watha - 2015-04-02
    In regard to head growth, it is a preferred trait among some breeders, but according to 'Fancy Goldfish' written by Dr. Erik Johnson, the growth can be influenced by environmental factors, such as temperature of water. If you want to slow the growth down, keep the water above fall like temperatures, keep the over crowding at bay, and your water at PH 7. Poor environment conditions contribute to greater head growth and less body growth. If you have access to a Vet who knows fish you can ask them about cutting excess fatty tissue away. Believe or not they do surgery on fish, especially the very expensive Koi and Japanese Ranchu.
  • Watha - 2015-04-03
    PraziPro or Cure All is a good general treatment plan, especially if you did not quarantine your fish for a week prior to introducing them to the tank. You can purchase these products in most fish stores or online.
Debbie Tessler - 2015-01-16
I have a lionhead goldfish that has not eaten in almost 2 weeks. He was always eating and swimming around...I have no other fish in the is filtered and we did a water change about 2 weeks ago. He doesnt seem sick....stays in a corner of the tank now and does not eat. Please help!!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-01-16
    Hiding in a corner and not eating can be signs that something is not right. Hard to say what the problem is because it sounds like your doing the right things. This could be an ammonia poisoning, but clean water will help. It's also been said that feeding peas (take the skins off) can help, because one of the biggest problems with goldfish is dietary. They need to be fed small amounts of a variety of food several times a day.
Bob&Jo - 2014-02-13
Our lionhead was a very active tankmate with our fantails but recently has started to hide in the vegetation, she or he is breathing normal but not swimming. mostly stays in one spot. Do you think she could be pregnant? She seems to have become very rounded. Please comment.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-02-16
    It's possible she could be pregnant.
  • Ineke - 2014-08-21
    Why doesn't any body see that these poor things are basically handicaspt, they are totally bred out of proportion.