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renee - 2009-08-24
I have had my purple with yellow flowers gorgonian like the one pictured for about 2 years. It is in excellent condition and has grown fantastic in halide lighting with a nice, moderate flow. It requires phytoplankton and a steady base. Most people sink these in the sand and they did. The base requires adheration to a rock, and preferably to the side, and it will do well in good lighting in a tank where phyto is fed.

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Adam Wuesthoff - 2012-05-18
We have a pink-tipped anemone at our business. I am not the one who takes care of the two tanks we have, however, I am trying to help find out what would cause it to move up the side of the tank, almost to the top. It almost looks as if it is upside down. We are not sure that there is even a problem. But if it is, then we would like to resolve it as quickly as possible. Thank you for any help that you could give us.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-05-18
    They move all over the place. Not an issue.
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karl b. myers - 2012-09-08
Is a beautifal mushroom but does not thrive in well maintained reef aquarium

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alaica parker - 2006-12-22
This is a very interesting coral and it is magnificent in my reef tank. It seems to be very easy to care for and it looks astonishing, it is one that I recommend for the home aquarium.

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ben - 2006-03-23
This is a weed in a well maintained reef, esp with metal halide. Not a good coral choice in my opinion. It can be nearly impossible to remove once it over grows the rock...and it will over grow. Stick with zooanthids, anthelia is ALMOST as bad. Xenia is a better choice, but it would be best to avoid all three.

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Jonathan Peyton - 2012-08-26
Great Page ! What an in-dept description of our beautiful new coral. Thanks so much, especially for the crab info...for some reason two of my red leg hermits jumped on the frag the minute it went in...

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nick - 2012-05-03
I've have gsp for a long time now and noticed they are not extending like they used to any reason to it?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-05-03
    Normally expansion problems have to do with poor water movement.
  • nick - 2012-05-18
    how long do they take to get back to normal right now they are barely even extended
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Felix Adi - 2012-04-20
I love all kinds of giant clams, croceas are gorgeous.
Thanks for the article.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-20
    You are welcome - enjoy
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Alina Kuzmich - 2012-03-21
Clams move with their foot. Their foot has to be muscular to help them move a good bit of a distance. Sometimes they can move an extreme distance if the current is strong. The currents can also help clams move.
mussels and clams

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Doddie Dowswell - 2011-03-08
Just bought a Ritteri Anemone and last night my husband found it on the tank filter. Don't know how long he was being sucked up......not sure if it is okay. How do I know if it is going to live? What can I do to help it? Any advice and or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Doddie

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  • Editor's Note - 2011-03-08
    If it is not torn up too bad, it should be okay. Give it a quiet place in the aquarium and see if it attaches itself. Some anemones will recover from some pretty bad injuries, others will not.
  • Anonymous - 2011-06-16
    Thank you for your response. The ritteri anemone did survive. Within eight hours it looked 85% better. We got a guard for our filter so it won't happen again. We were lucky, now it is happy as can be in our tank.

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