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angela momano - 2020-06-11
i live in upstate new york avon 14414 i will pay for shipping no problem i am left all alone just lost my pup to sickness in need of company please call me585 210 6043 angie thank you

angela momano - 2020-06-11
please i may not be good with math but i can make sure i have the funds to pay for bird i want a half moon conure male i just lost my dog and i live alone need company

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  • Jan Clark - 2021-03-03

    Just saw your comment all these years later, hope you found a bird. Understand all too well the loss of a pet.
Anonymous - 2020-06-11
i am looking for a halfmoon male conure excited to have one

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Chinthaka Liyanage - 2020-06-07
I have purchased pair of baby Plum Headed Parakeets. anyone please help me to find there sex. both are like same colour and difficult to identify their sex,

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M - 2020-06-05
I am looking for derbyan parakeet/parrotlet breeders. Message me if you have any upcoming, Id love to look into other breeds if yours is interesting/similar to the 2 listed.

339 - 217 - 0951

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Susan - 2020-05-30
I have had a red eared slider now for 20 years. My dog found him on a walk and carried him home. He was about the size of a quarter. Tort is quite a picky eater. He will only eat his one type of pellets. When I run out and give him a different type, he will just swim away and not eat it. He is about 9 inches long now. We take him for walks in the yard and I now know why the hare lost the race. Tort can move fast when he has a goal. He is very easy to take care of. Spends most of the time in the water but he loves to bask on his rocks.

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Chuck Molnar - 2018-06-24
Macaws are very loud, very loud!!! They make poor pets. When you buy one, nobody will buy it when you want to sell it!!! Believe me. I’m stuck wit one.

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  • Emma - 2020-05-05
    You can train them to speak, as they only scream when they want attention. if you ignore them when they scream and only give them attention when they say a word/whistle/hum or really do ANYTHING but scream, it will condition them to stop screaming because they only get affection whenever they speak or hum. It definitely takes time and patience but its worth it in the end. If you still have your bird, id offer to buy her/him... email me or sum.
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ken nightingale - 2020-05-24
my grand daughter found a baby flying squirrel in her bedroom window
thought maybe the cat brought it in but the first thing everyone said call papa I have raised many wild animals and birds and they are all special but this one is something very special I had to raise him on a bottle for a week or so before he started eating and now he looks for me to come play with him every night and bring hem fresh food I am learning a lot but still look for help on the internet

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Rhonda - 2020-05-22
A Siamese stray showed up in our neighborhood about a year ago. We took her in as a kitten but she got out. Very high maintenance girl with blue crossed eyes. On Nov 2 of last year, show shows up with one kitten, a "black" cat she had with a stray black tom the kitten couldn't have been more than a couple of days old and we think she born around Halloween. We took her and her mama back in and they have been inside ever since. Mom is being spayed but is incredibly submissive and a little crazy. Tasha is so sweet though, and sooooooo smooth and glossy. Her coat is a dark brown in the sun, and her nose and whiskers are black/brown. She got really sick at two months and we had to give her antibiotics, but she got better and is now our affectionate girl that loves to be rubbed from the top of her all the way down to her tail and will walk in front of you while you walk to make sure you pet her.

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Anonymous - 2020-05-22
Can anyone help me? I have 2 bubble eye goldfish and they are at the bottom of the tank barely moving but still breathing, they at times float around the tank but they actually don’t swim the water flow just pushes them around. I’m really concerned and not sure on what to do.


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