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Mathew Reeds - 2020-09-07
New litter of squirrels available now. They are 8 weeks old and at a perfect age to begin the bonding process with their new families.

Interested then kindly text

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  • joe - 2021-05-26
    I would like to purchase 10 squirrels for my pet alligator.
  • Samantha Bones - 2020-10-14
    Interested. Email or mobile number is (440)4139017
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CHERYL s SCARBROUGH - 2020-08-05
I am searching for a few pairs of Norwich canaries. Please advise.

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Jose Torres - 2020-10-01
I’d like to buy a few scats if possible.

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Dedi Saputro - 2020-10-01
canary yorkshire prices, to be sent to jakarta please the price and the shipping cost

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Ley - 2011-12-15
Hi ihave leopard eel about a meter long had it for about 2years always feeding fine 2months ago got in found it on the floor still alive put it back in the tank and started giving out this slimy stuff then went back to normal behaves well doesn't look any thinner but hasn't eaten in two months now tried all kinds of food live dead frozen fish shrimp don't now what to ddo can anyone help plz

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  • April - 2020-10-04
    Hello, I had a 4 foot tessalatta eel, when we was stressed he would go months without eating and was very picky, he only ate tilapia. If you go to super king market they have a big bag of filet talipia very very cheap. Also moray eels or any in that family can actually go months without eating so just keep offering food eventually he will eat. We had the same instance with our getting out they can live outside the tank for 3 hours. Make sure to have a heavy heavy lid. Ours pushed the lid open and got out
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Nithin k - 2020-10-04
will Domino Damselfish survive in freshwater

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Anis Kafo - 2020-09-27
I have got 03 Ayam Ceman's for sale. They are the all black from Indonesia, very special and unique.
Type: Indonesian (adults)
Price: OBO
Quantity: 03
Location: Napervile Chicago IL
Shipping: Yes
Contact: +1(972) 318-4783

If you are interested then text or call ASAP but I will respond to serious inquiries only! . Thanks

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Adil Mahmood - 2020-09-26
Hi sir ,

I have a black scorpion for sale if any body interested please contact me


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Anonymous - 2020-09-26
For all the people out there who think it’s wrong to keep a ringtail possum as a pet....
Not every animal wants to be flourishing in the wild anymore that people have destroyed. So it’s illegal to keep a baby Joey you have raised since abandoned young, but it’s not illegal to hunt kill and eat kangaroos? also a Australian animal. Wow...
Law or not do the right thing by the animal and it is their choice.

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Anonymous - 2020-09-22
Need to know my parrot gender help please


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