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Tatyana Ford - 2022-04-21
Can my STO eat peanut butter, can anyone give me a list of what he can eat?

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Kirsty - 2014-05-27
Hi I have two red caps, they were fine when I put them in the tank but now they are floating in the corner of the tank. They are still eating and very responsive if you switch the light on. I'm treating them for tail rot at the moment but they don't seem to be getting better. Anybody help me what I can do please?

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  • Anonymous - 2022-04-12
    They probably have a swim bladder problem turn off the lights and call a vet
Anonymous - 2022-04-12
I got 2 red cap orandas a boy and a girl the girl has roe but she won't lay the roe the tank is 10 gallons it has a topfin filter and a air pump a live plant and decorations for fish ps the boy is missing a cadul fin they won't breed please help me

Teaghan - 2018-03-13
My Redcap goldfish has been sitting in the corner kind flipping on its side. Im worried today will be his last day! Please help.. Im feeding him goldfish food..

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  • Anonymous - 2022-04-11
    It sounds like a swim bladder issue try a veterinary in the mean time turn off the lights and let it rest
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Kasey - 2008-12-05
Why is my ring neck dove not pecking at his cuttle bone? My zebra finches do it.

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  • Amy - 2011-03-06
    He or she will do better with grit. Doves prefer grit.
  • Ak Desmond - 2022-04-11
    I once had a brown ring neck dove & a king pigeon. They both prefer crushed egg shell, charcoal & dove/pigeon & gravel
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Maria Karoline - 2022-04-08
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Mark - 2022-02-21
Are they photosynthetic?

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LingLong - 2009-11-10
Wow pupfish are awesome! Where cani buy them ? and also can i buy 20 of them and put them all in one big tank? Please tell me! From Ling Long

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  • Anonymous - 2010-03-03
    No, no, and heck no.
  • Wolfman - 2022-02-28
    You'll get one don't worry.
  • Wolfman - 2022-02-28
    You'll get one don't worry.
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David - 2015-09-29
need a breeder who has flemish giant breed of rabbit . i am in nigeria

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  • ibrahim - 2022-03-06
    am also searching for the flemish gaint have u get one?
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Kenneth - 2022-03-07
You guys give so much infomation!


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