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nabeel - 2021-01-20
im selling rosy opaline lovebird breeder pair (2 cluctches done in 1 year). contact me on whatsapp only 8073536219

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Ben - 2021-01-18
We have squirrels for sale and can arrange transportation for out of state homes!
We have the following breeds,Grey,Fox,Flying and Red Squirrels.
Our baby squirrels come hand fed, extensively socialized, healthy and each will come with hand feeding supplies and a sample of food.
Email us via

Reply - 2021-01-18
Hand raised squirrels available for sale.
Comes with Complete kit.
We have the following breeds
Southern Flying and
Eastern Grey Squirrels.
Contact for prices and availability.
Pickup and also shipping available to out of state homes.
Email us at

Rachel Tribble - 2021-01-18
My pet squirrel just passed away on 1/17/21. He was our baby my dog found him when Palmer was 4 weeks old. He was 10 years and 5 months old when he passed yesterday.
He out lived my 2 dogs that found him. They thought he was their puppy. He had full range of the inside house. We are already lost with out our Palmer.
If you know of any one that has a baby grey squirrel in SW Florida Ft Myers, Cape Coral or Naples. Call Rachel or Clayton Tribble 239-257-2713.

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marianda - 2021-01-13
I have a bird just like this one and I have no idea if it is a boy or girl i been haveing this bird for so many years and they ever told me if a boy or girl

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sunshine teacup - 2020-12-06
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BabyFantail2 - 2020-12-10
I have two fantail fish( I got them both from the same place on the same day) When I got them, they were the same size a year and a 1/2 later and the one fish is tiny and is floating up it stays on its back. The other fish is really fat it doesn't sink to the bottom I know that's really bad, I tried to separate them in the tank, but it was unsuccessful I don't know what to do I have been moderating them daily I'm not sure what to do.

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Sanford - 2020-12-17
I have 2 black moor gold fish. ONe of them is sick. He is about 10 years old. he has a couple of tumor like growths on his body and his eyes are greyish and cloudy. He has lost his balance and is upside down a lot. Now he's just laying on the bottom of the tank. I can get him to swim around if I gently prod him. I started treating the water with an all in one bacteria solution yesterday. Has anyone seen this kind of thing? I'm really attached to this little guy and wish I could help him.

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Deborah M - 2018-09-30
I bought an orange fantail goldfish and was able to keep it alive in a medium size glass fishbowl without filter and bubbles for a couple months I changed the water once a week and put in water dechlorinating chemical. I noticed that the goldfish was growing and got a five galllon tank for it and some bubbles. I got one more goldfish to keep it company and still changed the water once a week. I lost both goldfish after one year after I moved. After I changed the water, cleaned the tank, and put in the dechlorinating chemical, one fish died than the other. I have not been successful with goldfish since.

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  • Garett - 2020-12-04
    To treat the water for chlorine is one thing, but that does not deal with monochloramine or chloramine found in many city waters. A dechlorination chemical does not remove chloramine from the water. So basically you are giving the fish a chlorinated water to live in, which then can not tolerate. That's why they are dying. The differnce between the two chemicals is chlorine is a short term solution whereas chloramine is a long term solution for dealing with bacteria in the water. Chlorine poured into a bucket/ pail or drum from a garden hose can pretty much off gas the chlorine in a hour or two without treatment if the water is constantly stirred, whereas chloramine will remain active chlorine in the water for upwards of a month. So you need to buy a chemical specifically for chloramine. If not you are giving your fish a chlorine bath. If you are going to test your tap water from the city your test equipment must specifically test for chloramine, a chlorine test will not show or test chloramine levels.
  • Bridget H - 2020-05-08
    Since your trouble started after you moved, I suspect you have a problem with your new water source. Do you have a freshwater master test kit? It is helpful to know the ph and levels of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate in your source water before you add it to your aquarium.
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??? - 2016-05-20
Would it be ok to keep a FeatherFin Squeaker in a 55 gallon tall tank with 1 Yoyo loach (I lost the rest to skinny disease), 1 Banjo Catfish, 3 Johanni Cichlids, 1 Synodontis Nigritis, and 1 Upside down cat. Could i get a Featherfin squeaker, and two Peacock eels as well??? Thanks! -???

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  • DustinTheFishBreeder - 2020-12-10
    I'd upgrade to a 75 Gal tank before adding anymore bottom/mid dwelling species. also, I suggest getting half-banded spiny eels instead of Peacock eels since while both are not true eels (they are both spiny eels) peacock eels tend to be territorial but half-banded spiny eels don't mind the company of others of the same species. (Also, peacock eels can reach lengths up to one and a half feet long while half-banded spiny eels get 7.9 inches long. both have a diet consisting of only freshly frozen meaty foods and live foods (freshly dead ghost shrimp are fine too), they will not eat flake foods and rarely will eat processed foods like wafers and pellets (most will not though).They both REQUIRE sand or very fine gravel (sand with a slightly bigger particle size) due to their delicate skin (technically they have extremely small scales that are very delicate and sensitive) and their habit to bury themselves when they are stressed/feel threatened or are hiding from the light but are too lazy to find cover. featherfin squeakers (as well as banjo catfish, corydoras catfish,and some other catfish like: those in the syndontis family which featherfin squeakers and upside-down catfish are a part of) also do much, much better in sand (the ones I listed technically require it to be at their healthiest). So what i'm basically trying to say is, upgrade to a 75 gal (even bigger if you want more fish) then maybe get a featherfin squeaker and 2-5 half-banded spiny eels.

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