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Erich - 2015-04-29
Looking for a 6in+ sized cat, if you have one let us know

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  • Tyler Munson - 2016-07-07
    Although your post was long, long ago...I am desperately trying to find a suitable home for my 7", brackish raised, silver tipped shark (cat). If you still have room for a growing catfish (and reside in Southern California), please let me know. Thank you.

    Tyler M. 619.307.9978
  • Lita - 2016-09-06
    I have two white tip catfish sharks both are 10 to 11 inches and they're free unless you want to give me $10 dollars each
  • Anonymous - 2022-01-18
    hey do you still have the 10 to 11 inc fish
  • jo - 2022-01-18
    hey do you still have the 10 to 11 inc fish
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Dale Brown - 2022-01-18
I don't know how long they should live but I have 2, did have 3 but one jumped out when I wasn't looking about 10 years ago, each about 12 in long. Next month I will have had them for 20 years- is that usual? One named "Lazarus" has survived multiple near death experiences and just keeps on going!

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alec - 2006-09-30
i have two featherfins in a 10 gallon tank with a bunch of other community fish. One is about 4 inches now and is highly territorial to the other feather. They tend to be a little nocturnal; they completely hide themselves when i turn the tank light on. I find that they change colors when i put them in different tanks. Right now its pitch-black on the black gravel but when i put it in my other tank, with white gravel, it becomes a lot lighter and his spots are visible. Right now all they will eat are sinking wafers and bloodworms. They are great fish and have beautiful fins.

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  • Christine Staats - 2022-01-16
    Sounds like you need a larger tank. My featherfin squeaker is easily close to 12 inches long. He or she is quite territorial but he has his own log hide that helps. Igot him at this size when we eye buying a used tank. We got there only to find out that the tank also had the catfish, a bristlenose, rainbow shark any one neon tetra. So we adopted them because we didn't have much choice.
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Anonymous - 2021-02-11
African grey parrot birds Psittacus erithacus
for sale

African Grey's amazons Tu-co Tu-cans and Fertile Parrot Eggs
Proven pairs 3 and 4 years old
Chicks 6 months and 9 months
very fertile Candle light tested eggs

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  • Harsh Nayak - 2022-01-13
    I newd baby
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soumi - 2017-03-20
i bought a oranda gold fish in yesterday but some time fish silently sitting under water and some time moving . feeding time very active any prblm or not many people say newly in aquarium that's why pls rpy wht can i its any prblm or noi

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  • Unknown User - 2022-01-13
    Give them some time to settle in, they're tank is a new environment to them.
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Laura - 2022-01-12
What squirrels do you have for sale? Can they be shipped?

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carson beshears - 2022-01-10
my bird sonney was only one year old and my cat got him

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Anthony Bell - 2018-06-12
I'm wanting to buy a yellow frill canary can someone please help me!

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  • Anonymous - 2021-12-31
    make sure you check the bird for mites and viruses as some of the pet store owners may sell you, buy mail variety of colours black, white and yellow that canary signing all day long
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AliceTew - 2021-12-27
Fill out this short survey and we'll give you a chance to win an iPhone 12

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Yolanda Varela - 2017-10-27
I have a pair of finches, don't know exactly what kind. She laid 2 eggs, and they ended up on the floor of the cage, I'am hoping they exccidently fell when they were both in the nest sleeping. What do you suggest I do? maybe buy another nest that is deeper? Please advice. Thank You

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  • Azaan Ali - 2021-12-27
    First find out the type of finch and get the nest box accordingly. Each finch may use a different type of nest shape.

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