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Kenneth - 2022-03-07
You guys give so much infomation!

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ibrahim - 2022-03-06
i want my rabbit to be producing up to ten at once how can i do it please?pls teach me

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  • Editor's Note - 2022-04-06
    If you have a male and a female as long as you keep them healthy and well fed they should reproduce all by themselves!
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Samantha T - 2008-01-27
I have bred zig zag eels, though it happened quite by accident. They had four sessions or so of babies within a month and a half period or so.
The female was rounder in the mid section but definately shorter then my male. They are very caring and were seen teaching their young to hunt blood worms in the substrate.
Some of the pieces of the puzzle to help them along was an Indian almond leaf added, and the blue light to make it seem like moonlight (the IAL was added to start conditioning my halfmoon betta male also in the tank). Also, I had gone against a lot of people's advice and had bought the second zig zag with too small a tank, the lack of space turned out to never be an issue, and the fry and parents thrived. Unfortunately my female died a few months ago (she was having some issues, almost looked like she was laboring and got something stuck, no other signs of injury or sickness, plus the tank was/is healthy). Her young and mate protected her body as I tried to remove it. They noticed her gone, as well as the fry as I had to start selling them off as they got bigger. The tank is only a 30 gallon... I thought I'd share my beginner's luck.

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  • Kevin Satterfield - 2014-10-02
    I have a few eels in my tank and have been putting together accounts of eels breeding. Please contact me at
  • Thinus - 2017-08-13
    hi i bought 2 zig zag eels last week and this morning when i woke there is alot of round puffy balls in my tank is that eggs?
  • Anonymous - 2022-03-07
    Why wont my zig zag eel eat anything
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Brad Bauer - 2017-10-13
I have been looking for a white dove to buy for my home and I'm wondering if I'm looking in the right spot and actually how much they go for?

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  • Anonymous - 2022-03-05
    I'm looking for one white dove for a family pet I have no email I just have a phone number 551-777-1023 looking for a white dove mail it
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Brittney Jones - 2022-03-26
Wanting info to buy

Animal-World info on Goliath Bird-eating Spider
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Anonymous - 2022-03-29
I have a fish but is it normal fr him to sleep on the bottom of his tank.

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John - 2022-03-06
I purchased two plum-headed parakeet from a pet store 15 months ago one was clearly male as he had a red head and the other a female as her head was gray, the store owner told me they were two years old,
They consistently fought and would never stay next to each other. Over a period of one week I saw the so called female parrot started losing it grey and today the face turned red. How can this happen? It clearly looked like a female with it grey face. Now I need to purchase a female but I don’t want to get rid of one of the males. Can I have two males and a female together. I do have a breeding box in the cage.

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Harry Rolan - 2015-11-07
Black Scorpion depends on its weight. Scorpion that weights 10gm to 15gm has price 15,000/- Rs. On each additional Gram its price contact us on 00237676788981 e mail

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christopher sertic - 2022-02-17
I have 8 fly river turtles available for sale. Each 7-9″ in size. Very Healthy and eating well on fruit, shrimp and hikari algae wafers. All turtles available in Australia,if you are interested kindly email

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Maureen - 2022-02-18
we have a lovely 200 gal salt water fish tank since 1996 populated with 13 percula clown that we raised from eggs - it''s a loooong story


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